Assisting Drivers

Mercury Insurance developed the Drive Safe Challenge to help motorists of all ages learn how to drive safely. Whether it’s sharing safe driving strategies, providing refreshers about driving laws or offering tips for how to select the right vehicle, we work to help drivers prepare for life behind the wheel.

Driving Safely

Whether you’re driving alone or with passengers, safety should always be a primary concern. Safe driving habits like limiting distractions and using defensive driving tactics can help you avoid accidents and may even save your life. Follow these safe driving tips whenever you’re on the road:

  • Focus on driving and keep 100 percent of your attention on the road.
  • Be aware of what other drivers are doing.
  • Always wear a seatbelt and operate the vehicle sober and drug-free.

Distracted Driving: It’s Not Worth It

Distracted driving happens all too often. Millions of drivers get behind the wheel and endanger themselves and others by shifting their focus to asks other than driving. Whether it’s texting, checking social media or eating while driving, none are worth losing a life. Make sure you and your loved ones understand this.

0 in 11
driver fatalities are attributed to distraction.2
people drive distracted every day.2
0 Seconds
the average time it takes to read or send a text when driving 55 mph.2
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