The “Mercury Insurance Drive Safe Challenge” Was Developed to Help Reduce, or Even Stop, Teen Driver Accidents and Deaths

Assisting Parents with Helpful Tips

The Drive Safe Challenge was designed to assist parents by teaching teens safe driving and collision avoidance techniques, laws and information, how to select the right vehicle and much more. So, take a look around, because there are a lot of resources on this site that will help teens prepare for life behind the wheel.

Parent/Teen Drive Safe Contract

As a parent, it’s up to you to get more involved and teach teenagers about the dangers of driving. Teenagers need to understand driving is a privilege that comes with big responsibilities, including no speeding or drinking. This contract covers the most important parts about learning to drive with your new teen.

Download the Drive Safe Contract PDF

While exploring this site, let these statistics serve as a reminder why teaching teens the correct way to drive is so important. In 2015, 3,114 teen drivers and passengers were killed1 and 297,000 teens age 16 to 20 were injured1 in car crashes.

1NHTSA, 2015 Traffic Safety Facts, Young Drivers

Distracted Driving: It’s Not Worth It

Unfortunately, it happens every day. Millions of drivers get behind the wheel and endanger themselves and the lives of others by shifting their focus to things other than driving. A text message. An Instagram post. Fast food meals in the car. All are not worth a life.

0 in 10
teen driver fatalities are attributed to distraction.1
people drive distracted every day, including teens.1
seconds is the average time it takes to read a text… with your eyes off the road.2
1NHTSA,, Retrieved Feb. 15, 2016 from
2NHTSA,, Retrieved Feb. 15, 2016 from

Pay Attention and Make
Smart Choices

We all need to make smart choices when we’re behind the wheel, because if we don’t there can be severe consequences. Distractions, drinking and driving, and even having passengers in the car can divert attention away from the road and that can lead to accidents and needless deaths.

Teens are especially susceptible, but the good news is that all of the causes of death listed below are preventable. We simply have to make it a priority to teach teen drivers that there are consequences to their actions. Take the time to teach teens how to make smart choices and provide good examples when they are passengers in your car.


No Seatbelts

Too cool to wear a seat belt1



30% Speeding2



Driving intoxicated3


Distracted Driving

10% Distracted Driving4


Risky Driving

Driving with passengers, teens are more likely to take risks5

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Protect Your Teenage Driver with Reliable Insurance Coverage

Before your teen takes the driver license test or goes car shopping, inquire about car insurance. Find out what it will cost to insure them and investigate the different types of coverage from liability to collision and comprehensive to uninsured/underinsured. Each covers gaps to protect your teenage driver.

Looking to Save Money?
Teens can do their part by doing well in school and maintaining a 3.0 grade point average or better. This will qualify you for a good student discount* from most insurance companies.

The Best Advice
Talk to a local insurance agent or company to find ways to save money.

Here are Other Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

  • No tickets, no accidents
  • Shop around
  • Drive a vehicle with a smaller engine
  • Enroll in a driving class
  • Bundle your policies to get a discount
  • Reduce the number of miles you drive
  • Increase your deductible to lower your premium
  • Install an anti-theft security system on your vehicle
*Discounts may vary by state.